Struma Surf

Borislav Paunovski:

“I ordered surfing from NRS last summer impulsively in tropical & nbsp; Hawaii, arrived in Sofia at Christmas. The dream is about this particular daughter in the evening 4 years since I tried it for the first time. The water in Struma rises, and I do not I’m feeling well. & nbsp; It feels great. I know the river in this area like the palm of my hand, but I’ve never seen so much swimming. & nbsp; I can play all day.

For the second time I get on the Stand up paddle board, briefly SUP board. Everything is in balance – the position of the legs and the next paddle. If you are outstretched, you are very stable, but you stagger forward. If one leg is forward, you are stable, but you stagger to the side. If the paddle is too short, it is inserted, your lower back hurts and your balance is disturbed. If it is too long, you leave it without shoulders and strength to scoop. Everything is in balance. & Nbsp; These are some of my best surf falls on the biggest rapids.

So the wonderful fast known as the Curved Wave, the Washing Machine, 3-5-8 or Begunova. It all starts gloriously and ends quickly. I hadn’t swum there in 5 years. I had the need. I had forgotten the thrill. I recommend it to everyone. Entering the big hole in the middle of the fast leaving wave to envelop you. You try to fight her, but in the end she picks you up from the surf and lets you go. The place is heard from afar as a huge waterfall or a huge locomotive. Favorite place for generations of rafters (so far only 2 generations). & Nbsp;

To my left is the Threshold pad. I thought for a moment, the board was already in use and ran away.

Fast “Bridge of Sighs” After being amazed when I got to the middle of the fast without falling, you decided to keep everything in the case and to collapse like a crowd at the right moment. “