Boat rental

Double kayak


Extremely fast and stable, with dry compartments and steering wheel. It is operated with the feet. Proven strong plastic. The boat is included – two paddles, two vests;

Price per day – BGN 60

Single kayak

Wilderness Systems, Prijon Sea kayak. Extremely fast, maneuverable, and stable, with dry compartments. Prijon has a steering wheel.
With the boat included – paddle + vest.

Price per day – BGN 50

Whitewater kayak


Dagger Mamba. 8.1 and Piranha Burn. Extremely maneuverable and playful: only for experienced people. With the boat is included – paddle, vest, helmet.

Price per day – BGN 70

Kayak rack


Safe transportation of your kayak. For long two-seater kayaks it is mandatory because they bend under their own weight.

Price per day – BGN 15

SUP Inflatable surf


Extremely compact – fits in the trunk of a car.
Surfing includes – paddle, pump, fin, vest, and helmet.

Price per day – BGN 60

Inflate the kayak


Extremely compact – fits in the trunk of a car.
The boat is included – two paddles, a pump, vests.

Price per day – BGN 60

Rafting boat


Extremely strong and stable in fast rivers, lakes, and dams. They fit in the trunk of a car – dropped and folded. Included with the boat – 8 paddles, vests, helmets, pump.
Price per day – BGN 140



    1. The boats are picked up and returned to the address: Sofia, G.S. Str. Rakovski 1. Near the Lion’s Bridge. Directions: HERE
    2. Transport of boats to a dam or lake is paid separately and you should contact us for a price.
    3. We have boats for rent, but to ensure availability, we recommend booking the boat a week in advance for the weekend, holidays, or vacation.
    4. Boats are rented for a period of 24 hours.
    5. Single plastic whitewater kayak is rented only to a person who has undergone a training course with us or has gained experience in another way.
    6. Boats are given rent only to persons over 18 years of age. Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied in the water by adults.
    7. The boat is rented complete with life jacket / life jackets, paddle / paddles, helmet, pump. They are included in the price for renting a boat.
    8. The renter must have a suitable trunk of the car for safe transportation of the kayak/kayaks. Otherwise, we will offer such a rack for rent. Inflatable boats are transported in the trunk of the car.
    9. The renter voluntarily provides his ID card data. The renter must take the time for a brief briefing and certify, of his or her own volition and signature, that he or she is aware of and agrees to our terms and the risks associated with practicing kayaking.
    10. The renter is fully responsible for lost or stolen equipment and restores its value at current selling prices.