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Price / Person 110 BGN

10 & 14



6 hours

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Combine kayaking, canyoning and zipline in Kresna!

One of the most popular extreme emotional activities in the area of ​​Kresna and the Kresna Gorge. The inflatable kayak is our most challenging activity. The control of the boat is entirely in your hands. An experienced kayak instructor will guide you. Go with the flow and do not fight with the river. Swimming is always possible and will leave memories and stories for a lifetime. Trust the experts in the field.

Canyoning takes place on the same day. It is a walk to beautiful waterfalls in the area. It is not difficult, it is suitable for inexperienced people. Equipped, we head to the waterfalls. When we reach the two waterfalls, we will jump, swim and bask in the sun. The roar of the falling water in the narrow canyon will enchant you.

The zipline will take place at our base in the Kresna Gorge. With dry clothes and ready for new emotions, you will fly low over the river Struma. The feeling is amazing.

Price: BGN 110 / person


  • Kayaking on the river Struma
  • Canyoning and trolls
  • Transport along the route
  • Full water equipment – neoprene, jacket, water shoes, helmet and life jacket
  • Instruction
  • Kayak instructor, canyoning guide
  • Safety boat
  • Unforgettable experience

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