Whitewater kayak


Soon for season 2022

Price / Person 150 BGN

Learn to ride a hardshell kayak in fast-moving water, surf and do Eskimo roll! If you are a complete beginner and are just starting out, this is for you. Paddling with a sea kayak will seem easy after this course. The aim of the course is for each beginner to gain basic skills, and for the more advanced to consolidate what they have learned so far.

Whitewater kayak course 3 days

The course will be held for 3 consecutive days in the Kresna Gorge on the Struma River in the summer. The choice of dates is negotiable. It is recommended for beginners to spend the summer. High temperatures and river levels are best in July, August, and September.

Paddling in white water is a collective endeavor. The exercises are aimed at building skills for paddling on rivers class 2-3. It is desirable that the participants are in good physical shape and able to swim. It goes through initial training on equipment, types of kayaks, and how to manage them. Once the rowing techniques have been mastered, swimming techniques in fast-flowing rivers will be shown before going down the river. The kayak instructor will teach, guide, and guide you through your first vicissitudes in the Struma River.

There are lectures and practices included in the whitewater kayaking course.


24-26 June

8-10 July

26-28 August

Price for the kayak course: BGN 350

  • Education
  • Boat
  • Paddle
  • Vest and helmet
  • Full water equipment
  • Transport at the river

Accommodation : Not included. We recomend Debeli Dab Eco Village – Rooms or a tent. The lectures are held in the large hall.

Whitewater kayak course 1 day

If you do not have time for a 3-day course, but want to progress with kayaking in fast waters, we recommend that you call and arrange a convenient date for you and your instructor. The program will be tailored to the level of the learner – will train on a rapid or will go down part of the river. The meeting point is the base of rafting and kayak club Reflip at Kresna Inn, Struma River.

Price for a kayak course: BGN 150

  • Education
  • White water kayak
  • Wild water paddle
  • Vest and helmet
  • Transport along the river

How to reach our kayak base on river Struma?

It is located at the Kresna Inns on the Struma River. About 120 km south of Sofia, an hour and a half by car on the main road E79. The colors are in black and green with a large inscription Rafting Club Reflip.

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