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“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

– Heraclitus

Rafting with Reflip

You paddle in the river and hear the sound of moving water. Suddenly you see the waves and a smile appears on your face. Before you know it, you’re in the middle of the rapid, holding the paddle tightly as the water sprays you. The instructor shouts something, the boat turns, hits a rock, the adrenaline rises and the smile reaches your ears. Rafting tours are one of the best ways to feel nature in Bulgaria and forget everyday problems. You are outdoors, outside the city. Forget your worries and play with the white water in the river.

There are many adventures you can try on your holiday. Why should you try rafting?

Extreme and Wild

Rafting takes you to wild Bulgaria, providing you with a view from a different angle of our unique nature. Spring, summer, autumn, winter – each season is unique and brings different sensations and emotions. Reflip will introduce you to a new element – white water!

Easy and safe

Even a beginner can try the difficult rafting routes along the Struma, Tara, and Arda rivers. Due to the professionalism, river organization, and experience of Reflip rafting instructors, you don’t need to have gone rafting before to enjoy it. We will take care of you, you just have to follow our instructions!

Cheap and memorable

If you compare the price of this service with others in Bulgaria (bungees, flying, trekking) or similar ones abroad (Rafting in Greece, Romania, Bosnia), here you get much more for your money. Two hours of descent on a technical route with professional equipment, an inflatable boat, a personal instructor, cliff jumping, transfer with our bus along the route, safety talk, and unique photos are just some of the things you get with the Reflip team.

Also, try the other things we offer. Rafting is our first love, but not our last.


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About us

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Rafting Club Reflip is a team of thrill-seekers. In the white water of the river, we forget about the outside world and experience life at the moment. We are not extremists, but we love emotions. We live in the Kresna Gorge for 6 months of the year and we are actively fighting to save it. We have organized river expeditions to Africa, Asia Central, and North America! We will teach anyone who has the desire, time, and patience to go rafting or kayaking in fast-moving water.

We have two YouTube channels – Rafting club Reflip and Rafting education. We are avid fans of the idea behind Eco Village Debeli Dab and the development of the region as a tourist destination.

Where to find us?

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