Location Struma

March – May

16 +
Minimum age

10 & 14

Immerse yourself in the waves and rapids on Struma river in Bulgaria with a river-boogie. Experience the white water. Swim through the gorge fully equipped. We provide – the complete necessary equipment, we ensure your safety with an additional rafting boat and a personal instructor throughout the course. You should bring with you – desire and motivation. The place is the same – the Struma River, Kresna gorge, Reflip rafting and kayaking club, Bulgaria.

River boarding, Hydrospeed or Riverboarding is one of the newest river sports gaining popularity in our country. It is believed that it originates from France where the rafting guides filled bags with jackets and swam through the rapids. The plastic board was created shortly afterwards allowing for the development of the sport.

The equipment is the same as for rafting, with only one difference – you don’t have the boat. Instead, you have a floating board with a little more specific shape, which you hold on to – river board. It is steered by the flippers on your feet. You will go trough briefing for beginners. You will have an instructor that will lead the way in the river.

Experience the adrenaline and the fight alone with the waves and the power of water.

Price: 46 EUR (90 BGN) per person


  • Transport along the route
  • Qualified instructors
  • Instruction
  • Safety boat
  • Unforgettable experience
  • Riverboard, helmet, vest, neoprene, jacket, fins, boots, knee pads

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