Sports rafting

Sport rafting competitions are held in 6 disciplines – Sprint, Head-to-Head (H2H), Slalom, RX, Downriver, and R mix The points earned after each discipline determine the final ranking. At the beginning of the competition, the rafting teams consist of 4 paddlers – R4 or 6 paddlers – R6


The goal of the sprint is to cross the route in the shortest time. Extremely power discipline, which at the same time requires excellent “reading” of the river and perfect synchronization in the boat. Each race starts with it, and its duration is between 2 and 3 minutes depending on the length and complexity of the selected section.

Head to head

Undoubtedly the most visually impressive and attractive discipline. Two boats stand in parallel at the start and the team with better time than the sprint has the right to choose the starting position. The goal is to reach the final before the opponent. The ideal section for H2H has more than one crossing line, which allows multiple overtaking and unexpected turns during the descent.


The most technical and complex discipline, requiring excellent “reading” of the river, perfect synchrony, a lot of physical strength and a dose of luck. The goal is to overcome 12 straight and back doors in the shortest time. Touching, skipping or intentionally moving them is punishable by added time. Each team crosses the track twice, taking the better of both times.


The latest discipline in R4. Created with a single goal – rafting to become an Olympic sport. He combines several disciplines in one – Slalom and Head to Head. Two boats compete and have to go through a reverse and two straight doors. There are many twists and turns when the two teams meet at the back door. In case of omission or intentional injury of the other team, there are 2 penalty gates before the final.


The longest (about 40 minutes) discipline and requires inexhaustible energy, endurance and will to win. The starting order is determined by the temporary ranking so far, and the boats are launched one by one at a certain interval or in groups. The route must be chosen in such a way as to provide a sufficient variety of obstacles.

R X Mix

The teams are composed of 2 girls and 2 boys. It doesn’t matter how the rowers sit. The same rules as RX – 3 doors should be taken and up to 2 penalties in case of error, missing the door, etc. Direct eliminations up to 1 winner.

Becoming a member of our rafting club, you will learn to paddle, steer the boat in calm and fast waters, work in a team, go down safely on fast-flowing rivers and much more. We do all this for pleasure, to challenge ourselves and to enjoy the results achieved with friends.


1. It starts with regular training on Pancharevo Dam in the evening after work around 18.30.

2. River Training

3. Theoretical lectures – In winter, when it is cold, we organize indoor lectures. We emphasize everything from currents to knots and rescue techniques

4. Expeditions – We organize expeditions, trainings and trainings on various rivers and dams.

Club membership is annual. This is a kind of long course. Mastering the skills requires time and practice. The instructors in the club are engaged free of charge in the training of rafting athletes and amateurs. The club provides for use neoprene, jacket, helmet, vest, boots, paddle and boat. In order to maintain the equipment, boats and buses we use, a membership fee is collected.

Membership fee :

  • BGN 360 for the first year

  • BGN 240 for the second and each following year

  • BGN 180 per year when using own equipment – neoprene, helmet, vest, jacket, after the first year

Training in Pancharevo :

  • BGN 5

* The first training is trial and free