Rafting wedding

A wedding ceremony on the banks of a transparent blue river and guests boarding rafting boats – this is how guests arrive at a wedding celebration on the Tara River in Bosnia.

After the main ceremony, the guests and friends of the newlyweds – Spasiana and Veselin Paunovski, take on the rapids with rafting boats to cover 17 kilometers in them.

Spasiana and Veselin met on the Struma River, where Veselin Paunovski was engaged in rafting and founded the Rafting and Kayak Club Reflip. This is his profession and vocation, and nowadays to a large extent Spasiana’s. This also answers the question of why it is in the river that they make this important for everyone.

The bride’s wedding dress is white neoprene, specially ordered by a Bulgarian manufacturer – Runawave . In the river, the newlyweds exchange rings and kisses. Of course, a “bouquet” is traditionally thrown, which in this case is a lifeline.

The celebration continues, with guests heading down the river for a 17-kilometer descent. For many of them, this is something that happens to them for the first time. In the spring, the Tara River is a place where only professionals can descend on it. This part of the celebration lasts nearly 5 hours. No toasts, hors d’oeuvres and salads. The culmination of this journey is a stop at one of the most remarkable places – a beautiful waterfall with freezing icy waters. It is at this place that the newlyweds break the cake.

“We feel comfortable, even though there has been fatigue and rowing. We expose the guests to an incredible challenge. We realize it, but I didn’t see one without a smile today, “says the bride.