We are rafting and kayak club Reflip. Young people who love the river and nature. We are rafting guides, competitors and kayakers with extensive experience.

Paunovski family

Rafting club Reflip is owned and operated by the Paunovski family. Committed to transmit the feeling of love for the rivers. They are always out there playing on river Struma. Join them when you are visiting Bulgaria!



Borislav Paunovski


1 of 3 Official Rafting Instructors for Bulgaria; Rescuer in Swift waters and caves; part of the Bulgarian Red Cross;


He has been on rivers with a kayak and raft in Africa, Alaska, Central America, Asia and Europe.


Boris Seizov


Rafting guide class 4; Trip leader; Kayaker in fast waters;


8 years of experience as a rafting instructor; Rafting competitor – 8 years; Kayaker in fast waters – 5 years;


Alexander Popov


Rafting guide class 4; Trip leader class 3; Kayaker in fast waters;


5 years of experience with rafting and kayaking in white waters; He paddled in Africa on the Zambezi River;


Ivaylo Dimanachki


Rafting guide and competitor; Photographer; Driver


For 5 years he has been taking pictures and driving all rafting trips on the Struma River.


Anton Gebov


Rafting guide class 3; Trip leader;


Rafting competitor with 8 years of experience on the rivers of the Balkan Peninsula!


Asen Dilov


Rafting guide class 3


8 years of experience as a rafting guide. Rafting competitor.


Richard Petrov


Rafting guide class 3; Member of Derbak Blagoevgrad – Bulgarian Red Cross


Over 8 years of experience in tourist and competitive rafting.


Dimitar Kunev


Rafting guide class 2;


2 years as a rafting guide;


Peter Kolev


Rafting guide class 3; Rescuer and Kayaker in white waters;


Over 5 years of experience in tourist rafting. Kayaker in white waters.

Jack Sparrow

Veselin Paunovski


Rafting guide class 4; Trip leader; Founder of the club;


Where has he not gone! He didn’t go to France, he didn’t go to America ….

Eco Moni

Simeon Arangelov


Rafting guide class 3; Kayaker class 2;


4 years rafting instructor; 20 years zoologist and ecologist;

Extreme sports

Hundreds of people, thirsty for adrenaline and emotions, every year paddle safely with us on the rivers of Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula.

Our mission

Promotion of water sports

Children are our future. We have been introducing them to river sports for 10 years. We cannot make rivers safe, but we can share our knowledge and experience. This is the best accident prevention. With the change in the climate the floods become more frequent, which is why the trainings in this direction are necessary.

Causes and initiatives

Balkan River Defence

– Protect the remaining free-flowing rivers in Europe.
– Expose hydropower as unstable and a cover for people from the Bulgarian mafia to launder money in violation of written and moral laws.
– Provide alternatives through science, education and sports.
– Support networks of local river activists and organizations.

Causes and initiatives

Save Kresna

“FOR” a highway outside the Kresna Gorge.

– Migration route of birds from Africa to Europe – “Via Aristotelis”.

– Huge biodiversity – turtles, snakes, butterflies and fish.

– The Struma is a source of income for the locals

Causes and initiatives

Clean Bulgaria

We organize cleaning of rivers and reservoirs in Bulgaria – 10 years in a row on Ognyanovo dam, Struma river, Pancharevo dam, Iskar river.

Causes and initiatives

Let’s teach children to love rivers


We organize education course for children living in regions threatened by floods along the Struma River – in Simitli and Kresna.

Water rescue

In swift water


In the name of the children


We work with children with special needs in rafting boats at Pancharevo Dam.



Rafting and kayaking school

The main purpose of these videos is to provide first hand information on river, safety and rafting as a sport. To make these videos, many experts and volunteers came together and put a lot of effort. The videos were shot in different places in search of suitable conditions to best represent the sport of rafting.



The kayak courses are held on the mother river in Bulgaria – Struma. All the necessary skills can be acquired and consolidated there.


Bulgarian Rafting Federation

Reflip is a member and founder of BRF and actively helps in organizing state championships.


Rafting teams


Men’s, Women’s and Kids’s teams have always dominated when the club competes in a race.