Kayak tour Syvota

Location Greece
Price / Person 330 BGN

Sivota is a resort in the region of Tecprotia, on the Ionian coast. The place is very popular and visited because of its picturesque coastline. The bay of Sivota is highly indented, with many coves and islands in the sea in front of the village. The Ionian Sea attracts private yachts and boats all year round.

Sivota has three small beaches in the village itself: Karvyno, Agios Hikalaoc, Bela Braka and all three are among the hills. Bela Braka is the most famous and the most interesting – a small strip of sand connects the land with the nearby island of Murtemeno and is easy to walk on. Other beaches just outside the village are Galikos Moloc (next to the port) and Zavia. Within a radius of 15 km from Sivota, you can visit other small and large beaches – Mega Amoc, Mikri Amos, Agia Paraskevi, etc.

Kayak program Sivota

Day 1 Thursday. Departure in the evening after work at 21.00 from the stadium “Vasil Levski”. We will use the night to travel. Thus, only Friday is taken leave.

Day 2 Friday. We arrive early in the morning. We are staying at a campsite. This day is provided for rest and free program. If desired, we can take a short kayak tour around or hop on the bus and explore the pretty town of Parga, which is located nearby.

Day 3 Saturday. We get up early in the morning, have breakfast and drink coffee, after which we will make a short briefing and enter the sea with the kayaks. We have about ten kilometers of rowing along the coast to reach the small islands located opposite the town of Sivota. We go around the islands themselves, stopping at small and pleasant beaches for rest. We will also enter several interesting sea caves. We will not miss the sandy isthmus – Bela Vraka. In the late afternoon we will dock in the town of Sivota, where we can have dinner and drink beer in one of the pubs there. In the evening we get on the bus and go back to the campsite. Rowing for the day about 13 kilometers.

Day 4 Sunday. After breakfast and morning coffee, we make another transfer by bus to the town of Sivota, where we drop the kayaks into the sea. This day we head south along the coast. We will pass several nice beaches such as Megali Ammos Beach, Mikri Ammos Beach and others. Along the coast we will see again several beautiful caves. There will be an opportunity to stop and a delicious lunch, after which we will load the kayaks back and head to Bulgaria. Rowing for the day about 10 kilometers.


BGN 330 per person (BGN 100 to be paid as a deposit)


  • Insurance
  • Camping tax
  • We provide a tent, sleeping bag and pads upon prior request
  • Sea kayak Prijon
  • Kayak equipment – paddle, vest
  • Guide

Transportation is free

Minimum number of participants in the kayak group – 6 people.
Maximum number of participants in the kayak group – 20 people.