Kayak tour Diaporos

Location Greece


6-7 May
3-4 June
8-9 June
23-24 September

Price / Person 250 BGN
6 +
Minimum age


Diaporos Island is a small island located off the coast of Halkidiki and more precisely, east of the Sithonia arm. The kayak tour includes a tour of the island, and we will stop at several nice beaches for relaxation. The program is suitable for beginners and people without experience in kayaking. The nights will be in camping tents. & Nbsp; We will also make a short list of the most necessary things to bring. We will provide everything you need for camping. The program is not final and will be subject to change at the request of the people in the group or adverse conditions.

Every day, the leaders prepare a morning program according to the weather forecast and group skills. Our mission is to make your day fun, memorable and exciting. With our experience and your good mood, success is GUARANTEED.

2-day Program – Kayak & Fun

Day 1 

We leave Friday night after work at a convenient time around 19.00 to use the night and reach the middle arm of the Halkidiki peninsula, namely Sithonia. Our first stop will be Eco Village “Fat Oak”, where you can have dinner. Then we head to the campsite. We will make a bivouac and enjoy the starry sky.

Day 2 

Coffee, breakfast, and morning swim. Around 10.00 we will give you a detailed briefing and show you rowing techniques. We head to the Blue Lagoon in the northeastern part of the island. While enjoying the beautiful view, we will have lunch and play with kayaking techniques and ways to get a kayak out of the water. We promise you to have fun. Then we head to Ormos Panagia, where there are wonderful gyros, ice cream, and cold beer. From here we return to the bivouac, where we will enjoy camping on the beach.

Day 3 After breakfast, coffee, and a short warm-up, we head south. This is, in fact, the most inaccessible part of the peninsula with many beaches, rock formations, and lagoons. It is also ideal for diving and diving. We hope you enjoy everything along the way, but the wind and the height of the waves will be of great importance, or as they say, Poseidon and Neptune will have. If the time and strength of the group, however, allow it, we will make a short detour to Karidi beach. We continue, returning to the island and going around it on the west side. On the way, we will stop at several more beaches. A stop is also possible in Vourvourou for beer and lunch. Reaching the point from which we entered the previous day, we load the kayaks back and head to Bulgaria. Late arrival in Sofia is expected.

3-day program – Kayak, SUP & Fun

Departure on Friday at 7 o`clock. The 2-day trip program is valid. For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until noon the following activities are included:

  • Kayaking in the area of Diaporos island
  • SUP classes
  • Games and entertainment
  • Water safety


2 days: BGN 250 per person (BGN 50 is paid as a deposit).

3 days: BGN 300 per person (BGN 50 is paid as a deposit).

Transportation is free.

The minimum number of participants in the group is 6 people.


  • Medical insurance
  • Tent, sleeping bag –  upon prior request
  • Sea kayaks Prijon
  • SUP board
  • Kayak equipment – paddle, vest
  • Guide on the route
  • Kayak instructor

Not included: Food, Camping fee