Kayak tour Black sea

Location Bulgaria

On request

Price / Person 300 BGN
6 +
Minimum age


Unforgettable kayak trip on the South Sea.
Sand, sea and river – a lot of everything.

Program 3 days

Day 1: We leave early Friday morning to take advantage of the coolness and reach the Southern Black Sea Coast. Our first stop is the Pearl Residence, from where we enter to row to Cape Maslen.

Cape Maslen is part of the easternmost arm of the Strandzha Mountain, jutting into the Black Sea. It is located near the town of Primorsko, surrounded by huge golden beaches. It has been inhabited since ancient times – at the place where Ropotamo cuts into the Strandzha slopes, on the huge rocks sculpted by the river, the ancient city of Ranuli arose. At the mouth of the river are the remains of a Roman city. At the very end of the promontory still stand the walls of the fortress Terra, which guarded this coast. Much of Cape Maslen is a protected area of ​​the “natural landmark” category. The Thracian sanctuary Begliktash is located in the area of ​​Maslen Nos. It can be visited if desired.

Day 2: Coffee, breakfast and morning swim. Around 10.00 we leave Arkutino to the river Ropotamo.

Arkutino or Bear Swamp is a swamp-lagoon about 2.5 km northwest of the mouth of the Ropotamo River. The swamp is part of the Ropotamo reserve. It is separated from the sea by sand dunes, and a sand lily grows on the beach. The beach opposite the swamp is also called Arkutino.

From the bay there is a beautiful view of the island of St. Thomas – one of the places in Bulgaria where wild cacti of the genus Opuntia are found. A holiday village is being built in the northern part of the area, which irreversibly changes the pristine appearance of the area.

Only one part of the water area of ​​Arkutino is open, the rest is covered with dense aquatic and marsh vegetation, represented by different species of water lentils, marsh snowdrop, hedgehog head, rust. Here is one of the richest localities of white and yellow water rose. The coastal areas are covered with reeds. The swamp is inhabited by a rare dwarf gambusia. Arkutino is the main stopover for birds on the Via Pontica. Rare species of birds nest here.

Ropotamo River.

Most of the river valley has forests of oak, ash, elm, hornbeam and others. Many fish species live in the river – carp, river mullet and others.

A long and wide estuary has formed around the mouth of Ropotamo, surrounded by the Black Sea with sandy hairs. The estuary is navigable for small vessels and excursion boats sail on it.

The Ropotamo River is especially famous for its delicate water lilies. Boating in it and walking along the shore are an unforgettable experience. Tourist boats can be rented at the bottom of the river. The nature here is breathtaking with the abundance of plant species and fauna, impressive rock formations (such as the so-called Lion’s Head lying on the right bank of the river and small caves. The Ropotamo River area is home to over 100 copies of the Red Book of Endangered Species). species, which is why it was declared a nature reserve Ropotamo in 1940. With its area of ​​about 1000 hectares, it is one of the largest protected areas in Bulgaria.There is the highest sand dune on the Balkan Peninsula.

Among the most attractive representatives of the local fauna are the great white-tailed eagle with a wingspan of over two meters, as well as owls, some of which build nests in the mentioned rock Lion’s Head. Apart from nature lovers, the area is also attractive for hunters. The main game species are red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer, wolves, foxes and jackals. The Via Pontica migratory bird route also passes over the Ropotamo Reserve, which explains the presence of different species of ducks, geese and snipes.

Day 3: After breakfast, coffee and a short warm-up, we set off to Cape St. Dimitar


3 days: BGN 300 per person (BGN 50 to be paid as a deposit).

Not included: Food, Camping or Accommodation

Transportation from Sofia in both directions BGN 40 per person

Minimum number of participants in the group – 5 people.

All the details of the kayak tour will be discussed with the group in advance. We will also make a short list of the most necessary things to bring. We will provide everything you need for camping. The program is not final and if desired by the people in the group or adverse conditions, will be subject to change.


  • Tent, sleeping bag and pad upon prior request
  • Prijon sea kayaks
  • Kayak equipment – paddle, vest
  • Guide
  • Kayak instructor