Kayak on Struma


Every day

Price / Person 70 BGN

10 and 14


4 hours

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Every day kayaking trips. The most fun in the summer!

The place is well known – Rafting center Reflip, Struma river, Kresna inns. The rapids are the same, your look and feel on them is different. Inflatable small shelf – kayak, personal instructor and your proximity to the river is the difference you are looking for.

Inflatable kayaks are stable, light, maneuverable, easily portable boats for fast water. They are a revolution in river entertainment. Completely beginner kayakers can have fun rowing Class II and III rapids with instructions, instructions and support from an experienced and professional guide. The feeling of driving a boat in the Struma River is unique. Imagine learning to kayak II and III rapids, breaking the waves and taking part in your first river adventure. Swimming and turning are always possible.

Professional guides and equipment

Rafting and Kayak Club Reflip uses the best equipment available. Each kayaker will be dressed in neoprene, helmet, vest and neoprene shoes. Experienced guides will show you rowing techniques, guide you safely through rapids and help you with rescue and self-rescue. This adventure requires good physical preparation. You can go with your best friend. If the river level is high in your kayak will sit a personal instructor who will take care of your safety and experience.

We offer a choice of miniraft – inflatable kayak or canoe of your choice. Due to the intensity of the rapids, if you go down the upper route, groups of up to 8 people are preferable.


  • Transport along the route
  • Full water equipment – neoprene suit, jacket, water shoes, helmet and life jacket
  • Instruction
  • Instructor
  • Safety boat
  • Unforgettable experience

Combine in 1 day with
Kayak on Struma

Weekend in the Kresna gorge

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