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Kayak course in Bulgaria

Do you want to learn how to paddle a whitewater kayak in swift waters, surf a wave and do an Eskimo roll? If you are a beginner and you are starting now, that’s the course for you. Paddling a recreational kayak will be easy after these lessons.


Learn how to run the Zambezi river with us:

Dates 2020

9 – 11 October


3-day course for whitewater kayaking 

The aim of the course is for each beginner to get basic skills and the more advanced paddlers to sharpen what has been learned so far.

The course will be held on 3 consecutive days in the Kresna Gorge on the Struma River, Bulgaria in the summer. The choice of dates is negotiable. It is recommended for beginners that the course takes place in the summer. High temperatures and low river levels make it suitable in July, August, September, and October.

Whitewater kayaking is a collective venture. The exercises are aimed at building skills for paddling in class 2-3 rivers. It is desirable for the participants to be in good physical shape and to be able to swim. The course goes through an initial introduction of equipment, types of kayaks and how to paddle them. Once the paddling techniques are acquired, methods will be shown on how to swim in fast-flowing rivers before a downriver ride. Kayak instructor will teach you and guide you through your first trips on the Struma River.

There are lectures and practices on the following topics:

1. Types of equipment, hydrology, types of rivers;
2. Boat management and paddling techniques;
3. Techniques for entry and exit of reverse currents, ferry-gliding across the river;
4. Techniques for swimming and rope handling;
5. Rescue and self-rescue;
6. Eskimo roll;



Price for the 3-day course:

270 BGN per person.

The price includes:
  Kayak paddle
  Lifevest and helmet
  Complete water equipment – sprayskirt, neoprene, jacket
  Transportation on the river

To ensure quality training, we have limited the number of participants to 3. To have this course on this price we need at least 3 participants.

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Kayak training for 1 day

If you do not have time for a 3-day course and want to advance with a whitewater kayak, we recommend that you call and arrange a date for you with your instructor. The program will be tailored to the level of the trainer – he/she will train in a part of the river or run a whole section. The gathering point is the base of Rafting and Kayak Club Kresna inns, Struma River, Bulgaria.

Price for 1 day: 100 BGN per person

The price includes:
 Whitewater kayak
 Kayak paddle
 Lifevest and helmet
 Complete water equipment – sprayskirt, neoprene, jacket
 Transport along the river

To ensure quality training, we have limited the number of participants to 3. For larger groups contact us. 

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