To descend into the wild waters of Tara

The Tara River meanders majestically in the world’s second largest canyon, after the Grand Canyon in Colorado. The canyon and the Tara River are located in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The waters of Tara are remarkable not only for their high water, but also for their purity and beautiful colors. Springing in a karst area, the water is quite cold in summer. This does not stop rafting enthusiasts from going down it. What’s more, the place is one of the best destinations for this kind of extreme sport.

That’s why we go to it and travel about 1200 kilometers in both directions to feel the power of Tara. I travel with a small group of amateurs and people who have already fallen into stormy rivers. As much as we try to imagine it, the view that unfolds is remarkable. The blue colors against the background of green forests are breathtaking.

According to our guide Veselin Paunovski, it is in Tara that he has experienced the power of the river to the greatest extent, no matter that he has been rafting for years. At high tide, even the locals do not dare to go down it. This spring, however, he and several others did.

We are about to descend into far calmer waters. I have never done this. I filmed rafting on Kresna, but to feel the power of the water you have to get on the boat. While you are initially floating in a calm area, it seems casual. Then comes the moment of real challenge.

If you enter the first fast, everything changes. It is also interesting how those of us who are lovers change. People’s expressions are changing. Everyone gets kind of serious and the emotion overwhelms you. The waves play with the boat, which bounces like a toy in the river. A series of commands follow one after the other and there is no room for relaxation. Left forward, right back. Everyone to row forward or backward.

Rafting is a team affair. This is a great activity to unite people. This is what I think every time we have to overcome a difficult section. Inattention is punished. Irresponsibility is also punished. This is the case with every activity of people in their attempts to conquer natural resources. Whether they climb, sail the sea, fly in the air with a paraglider or descend on stormy river waters, responsibility is required.

An example in this regard is Veselin Paunovski. When you meet him and see the funny braids on his beard, you can easily make the wrong conclusion that he is one of those crazy heads who are looking for trouble. Behind his seemingly phlegmatic behavior lies professionalism.

I understand this at a time when a boat with tourists overturns near us. Without hesitation in the stormy waters of the rapids, jumps from our boat on the overturned boat of tourists. Everyone at his club is starting to work as a well-prepared team. All they do is help those in need.