State Championship 2020

The state championship was held on the Struma River in October. The competition is organized by the Bulgarian Rafting Federation. The boats are provided by the municipality of Kresna, which always supports the sport of rafting and its development. The competition was in R4 format and was according to the rules of the World Rafting Federation. The disciplines in which it was evaluated were Slalom, Sprint, Downriver, RX and R mix.

The awarding and afterparty took place in the Eco Village Debeli dub. The head judge was Milen Kolev, and main logistic was done by the secretary of the federation Ivo Kisyakov. Our club got involved with help with the organization, a trailer and two teams – Reflip 1 and 2 or as we call them men’s and tashak team. In the RX еvent, the team Reflip 2 beat Reflip 1.