President of Bulgaria on rafting

The rafting on the Struma River was organized as a birthday present for President Rumen Radev by his wife – Desi Radeva. Until the last moment, he did not know what awaited him. The descent took place in the late afternoon. After full equipment, transportation to the start and a short briefing, we entered the river.
The rafting boat crashed into the waves without missing them. The president paddles hard.

Biodiversity of Kresna Gorge

Along the river is one of the important routes for the migration of birds from Africa to Europe – “Via Aristotelis”. It passes through southwestern Bulgaria, the Sofia plain and the valley of the river Iskar.

The view of the Kresna Gorge and the diving cormorants fascinates everyone. The valley of the river Struma in the Kresna gorge is home to the great cormorant / Phalocrocorax carbo/. The species is a specialized ichthyophage – it feeds on fish. He eats 0.5 – 0.75 kg of fish per day. There was also a stable population of vultures in the area. They are among the largest birds in Bulgaria and Europe. Due to their large size, they prefer to soar in the air, using air currents. All species of vultures are protected by Bulgarian and international law.

Rafting is an adventure and sustainable tourism. It does not replace but complements the local livelihood. It does not harm the river and its inhabitants in any way. The river has preserved its natural appearance – the corridors for migration of passage fish are without barriers and this allows for the development of rafting on the rapids of the Struma. Here are found fish Pike, Utley, Catfish, Perch, Black Barbel, Grandma, River Mullet and others. Eels were also found in the river, but after the construction of large irrigation barrages in Greece, predatory fish stopped appearing in our country. Critically endangered species worldwide. In the last 30 years, it has disappeared from most habitats in Bulgaria and is included in the Red Book.

The bags on the trees impressed the President. For years, initiatives have been organized by local clubs to clean the gorge in order to make the problem more widely known to the public. Rivers are the mirror of a nation and it is our responsibility to take care of them. The intact Kresna Gorge gives many people – Bulgarians and foreigners – the opportunity to enjoy the view of rare birds, reptiles.