Kayak tour Zakynthos

Location Greece


6-13 September

Price / Person 760 BGN
12 +
Minimum age


The flower of the east

Zakynthos, also called the “Flower of the East” by the Venetians, is the third-largest island in the Ionian Sea. The island itself does not need a special presentation. Probably everyone has heard and may have dreamed of its beautiful caves, beaches, and sea. One of the most visited tourist destinations. We will go within 6 days to its most beautiful places – the Blue Caves, Navagio Beach, and Kerry Caves. If we are lucky we will watch live the turtles Carreta Carreta or some representative of the monk seal. We will also make a shortlist of the most necessary things to bring. If someone is going to sleep in a tent, it is desirable to have camping equipment – a tent, a sleeping bag, pad. If it does not have such, we will provide it. The program is not final and at the request of the people in the group, or unfavorable conditions for kayaking – high waves, bad weather, are subject to change.

Zakynthos kayak trip program

Day 1. We depart from Sofia in the evening at 20:00. On the way we will stop for homemade ice cream in the eco-village “Debeli Dab”.

Day 2. After we arrive, a short break is organized, in which everyone will have the opportunity to refresh themselves. Shuttle service to Agios Nikolaos Beach is organized. Here we will lower the kayaks, we will make a short briefing and everyone will have the opportunity to try the boats at sea. We will also play different scenarios – what to do with an inverted boat and how to save ourselves. A short kayak race to the nearby island can also be arranged for those interested. In the afternoon we get on the kayaks and head to the so-called Blue Caves. Late in the evening, we return to the campsite on the island of Zakynthos.

Day 3. This day we will head to the southern part of the island – to Lagana Bay. We will spend the whole day touring the bay itself and the two islands in it. We will visit both beaches – one on the island of Marathonisi, the other the so-called Geraka beach, where the Caretta-Caretta turtles lay their eggs. If we are lucky, it is possible to see and swim with turtles.

Day 4. After breakfast and coffee, we head again to Lagana Bay. This time the goal is to go around its western part and go out into the open sea to the west of the island of Zakynthos. Amazing views await us – we will go through several large and beautiful arches, we will walk to the Kerry Caves, where there will be an opportunity for a beach. If the forces of the group reach, we will go all the way to the Mizitres Islands, which are two huge rocky hills in the middle of the sea.

Day 5. Day for relaxation – whoever wants can enjoy the pool, or take an organized walk to the capital of the island, where to visit historical sites there. If there is time, return we will walk to see from the high beach Navagio, which is famous for the abandoned ship of smugglers there.

Day 6. Rested, this day is a real challenge. After breakfast, we go to the bay of Porto Vromi. From there is the shortest approach to Navagio Beach for kayaking. Whether we will be able to reach it depends a lot on the weather conditions and the sea itself. In any case, motorboats depart from this place all the time, through which it is also possible to reach the beach with the remains of the ship. When it is impossible to go out to sea, we row around the bay itself, which is also very beautiful and full of caves and bizarre formations.

Day 7. We leave back to Bulgaria. On the way we will stop for rest and lunch. Late arrival is expected.


Price: BGN 760 per person (BGN 100 is paid as a deposit).

The price includes:

  • Ferry tickets to Zakynthos
  • Camping fee
  • We provide a tent, sleeping bag and pad on request
  • Sea kayak Prijon
  • Kayak equipment – paddle, vest
  • Guide on the route

Transportation to and from there is free.

The minimum number of participants for the trip is 6 people.