Kayak tour Ammouliani

Location Greece



Price / Person 250 BGN
6 +
Minimum age


Three-day kayak adventure around Ammouliani Island

Ammouliani is a small island located in the eastern part of the bay separated from the peninsulas of Sithonia and Mount Athos, part of the Halkidiki peninsula. It is suitable for kayaking, both for beginners and more advanced kayakers who just want to alternate leisurely rowing with beach breaks and swimming in the azure waters of the surrounding sea. & Nbsp;

We will also make a shortlist of what you need to bring. Sleeping will be in tents, so it is desirable to have camping equipment – tent, sleeping bag, pad. If you do not have them, we will provide them. The program is not final and if desired by the people in the group or unfavorable conditions (high waves, bad weather), subject to change. Every day the leaders prepare a program in the morning according to the weather forecast and the skills of the group. Our mission is to make your day fun, memorable and exciting. With our experience and your good mood, success is GUARANTEED.

2-day program– Kayak & Fun

Day 1: We depart from Vasil Levski Stadium at 19.00 Arrival late at night.

Day 2: From Tripiti we row to the island of Ammouliani, stopping on the way at small islands located in the northern part of Ammouliani, with nice sea and beautiful views. We also stop on the beach to relax. We spend the night on a wild beach on the west side of the island (if desired, you can spend the night at a campsite). Kilometers for the day – about 8 km.

Day 3: We wake up, have breakfast and coffee and after a short warm-up, we head south, where we will stop on the island of Drenia (or one of the other islands around). Rest and a beach that is desired, we can play with kayaks, for example, to train the overturning of an inverted kayak. In the late afternoon, we load and row to Ornaupoli, where the transport will be waiting for us to return to Sofia. Kilometers for the day – about 14 km.

3-day program – Kayak, SUP & Fun

Departure on Friday at 9 am from Sofia.

For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until noon the following activities are included:

  • Kayaking
  • SUP classes
  • Games and entertainment
  • Water safety


2 days: BGN 250 per person (BGN 50 is paid as a deposit).

3 days: BGN 300 per person (BGN 50 is paid as a deposit).

The minimum number of participants in the group is 6 people.


  • Medical insurance;
  • We provide tents, sleeping bags, and pads on request
  • Sea kayak Prijon
  • Kayak equipment – paddle, vest
  • Guide
  • Kayak instructor;

Transportation is free.

Not included: Food, Camping fee