Почистване на Струма 2018

For another year Rafting Club Reflip is one of the organizations that clean the garbage in the Struma River with rafting boats. We will divide into groups and clean the shore and the river. We will enter along the Struma River in the area of the Kresna Gorge, known for its continental Mediterranean climate and high concentration of plant and animal species!


A river should never be cleaned by cutting down trees and shrubs along the shore. This is a misunderstood cleaning of the trough, only worsens the situation and is a distraction. Self-grown shrubs and trees protect the shore from erosion and thus protect from landslides. A big problem is the fallen or reflected trees in the river. There are cases of fallen trees that accumulate, form a blockage and clog half of the river and are a prerequisite for serious accidents.
When the snow melts, the level rises and collects all the garbage along the shore. The waste floats down and hangs on trees and bushes.


This year the cleaning will be done by friends and connoisseurs of the idea of ​​rational thinking. In order not to produce more waste than we clean, bring:

  • Metal or plastic reusable bottle – there is a place to fill water
  • Work gloves – BGN 1 from a reusable hardware store
  • High shoes or rubber boots because it is rocky and reptiles are found
  • Hat with visor, scarf or towel for head to protect yourself from the sun
  • Long summer pants
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

We will provide:

  • Minimum amount of bags for garbage
  • Waste disposal to the local landfill
  • Transportation of volunteers along the route
  • Rafting and kayaking for all participants