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Canyoning in Bulgaria

Canyoning in Bulgaria
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Some of the most beautiful places to try canyoning in Bulgaria and only 1.30 min away from Sofia.

Canyoning in Sheitan dere |Devil`s canyon|


We will head to the two waterfalls in the heart of the canyon. After crossing the river several times, we are going to reach a peaceful meadow. Furthermore the canyon closes on both sides and we will walk up the river. When we reach the two waterfalls, we will jump, swim and rest in the sun. The roar of falling water in the narrow canyon will charm you. If someone has a desire, they can climb over the waterfalls and jump into the top and bottom cups.

Level of difficulty- beginner to medium |Depends on where you are willing to jump from |

The perfect combination with our rafting tour

Price: 30 BGN | 15 EUR per person


 Transport to the canyon from our base in the Kresna Gorge.
 Complete equipment – neoprene suit, jacket, water shoes, helmet and life jacket
 Unforgettable experience

Total Duration: 2 hours

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Canyoning in Platan’s Forest


Extremely beautiful area with 100-year-old trees along the river. It goes deeper into the mountain past the canyon. The place is easily accessible and we will give guidance to anyone who wants to walk in this direction without equipment. If you want an instructor and equipment we will provide for canyoning part.

Price: 20 BGN| 10 EUR per person

Level of difficulty- beginner |A gorgeous walk upstream in the canyon|


 Transport to the canyon from our base in the Kresna Gorge.
 Complete equipment – neoprene suit, jacket, water shoes, helmet and life jacket
 Unforgettable experience

Total duration: according to the participants’ desire and preparation- about 2 hours

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Canyoning on the Vlahi River

From there we reach the village of Vlahi, where we start with a short walk to the beginning, then we enter the canyon. We go through waterfalls, water slides, jump into water cups, and so as we pass through the entire canyon. During the passage through the canyon, we see beautiful rock formations, evidence to the power of the river. Canyoning on the Vlahi River is suitable for hot summer days.

Price: 40€ | 80 BGN per person


Total duration: between 3-4 hours.

What do you need for canyoning: swimsuit, t-shirt, and  towel. 

Appropriate time: June – October.


Perfect combinations: 

рафтинг-струма Rafting tour on Struma River
рафтинг-струма Zipline over Struma River
рафтинг-струма Archery


After the canyoning you could visit Rila Monastery ( 60 km), Melnik (62 km), Rozhen Monastery (69 km), Rupite (54 km).




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Combine your favorite activities 

Rafting near Bansko and Sofia – on Struma river, will be memorable. We will equip you, drive you to the start of the rafting and have a personal guide with you for the entire tour. For more info on the Rafting on Struma river


Canyoning is taking place in the canyon Shaitan dere. The group enters the river canyon. Little by Little the canyon narrows and you have to walk up to the waist in water-equipped with a wetsuit and neoprene boots. The site allows climbing, jumping off the cliff and swimming under the waterfall.

80-meter metal rope over the Struma River is another attraction that can be tried. We offer an unlimited number of runs on the zip line.

Price: 45€ | 90 BGN per person


  Transportation across the route
  Unforgettable experience – 13km on the river
  Complete water equipment – wetsuit, jacket, water shoes, helmet and a life jacket
  Safety briefing
  Licensed river guides
  Canyoning on Devil`s canyon
  Unlimited Ziplining

Total duration is 6 hours