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Women rafting team 2013

By Borislav Paunovski / November, 24, 2013 / 0 comments

The spring of 2013 gathered the new female rafting team of Reflip – The duck (or as it later turned out – the ultras). With two “veterans” – Captain Mama Bo and Marinka – the Mermaid, and a few novices, we gathered a rafting team that brought the mystery of the caves to the river, the exoticism of the Brazilian capoeira, the disciplined sports spirit and the breathtaking thaw, combined with mind-boggling styling River theory, all garnished with many new ambitions and a wonderful mood. For the three months of training, we were able to gather experience from 3 races, each of which gave us something, we managed to become a family and find new friends, experienced storms and colds, and stated serious plans for the future of the team. Still learning to know the river and how the oar is behaving, we went to Serbian. Nishava was the first match of the “The ducks” with a real race and a great start of the racing season. For the first time, we went through all the disciplines, we learned how to judge a decision with the video shot and EUR 100, what does downriver mean in a very calm river and how to make a jiger. The pleasant surprise was our accommodation in a camp with at least a hundred young athletes, which gave us inner satisfaction and a better view during all days of stay. In Bulgaria we returned victoriously with 3rd place in the final standings. Serbia also met with many of the rafting teams we will face in the next races and gave us the initial level.

женският рафтинг отбор на Рефлип в босна

Our next race a few weeks later took us to the picturesque gorge of Varbas, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The less experienced than us were amazed at the strength and scale of the river, and for the first time, we had the opportunity to become part of a competition at a higher and more professional level. We were pleased to watch rafting teams with years of experience, feel the power of the river, and be startled by the magnitude and speed of the waves. For us not only the race but also the 14-hour one-way trip was an extraordinary experience, accompanied by joyful music, laughter, positive emotions and pure childhood joy. Bosnian police have taught us that even jumping in puddles can be a very serious public order violation. But even the poem that came out on the first day could not disturb the euphoria in the camp and gave us even more fun. One of the important life lessons we learned was how to stop the road, how to run with a shelf in hand, and that in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina no flashlights are used, and horns are in the lead. Despite the “prestigious” 4th place in the final standings we learned a lot, we returned enriched, motivated and ready for the National Competition a few weeks later.

рафтинг отбор жени

The end of June brought the high temperatures, but took part of the river. The great challenge that stood before us was the heat and the stones that emerged from the dewy river Struma. With the State Championship came the long-awaited final race that would give us the opportunity to show what we have learned and to do our best at home. The previous two months had spent an emotional journey on us and by some almost unknown girls, we had become a part-time family with all his love, war, quarrels and laughter. The State Struma River Championship was our award for all the efforts, compromises, drills and river water tests that we had passed through, and we were ready to have fun all the way. Despite the injuries and the slight stumbling blocks, we were able to perform at the level, as we deservedly won the 2nd place and we categorically stated our future plans for much higher achievements. A great gratitude and love for all the Reflips gentlemen who took care to be prepared, to train, to be healthy and to feel good, and now it is time for the summer camp.

рафтинг отбора на рефлип в босна