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Think globally, act locally

By Borislav Paunovski / November, 15, 2017 / 0 comments

Floods are one of the most catastrophic natural disasters that endanger millions of people around the world every year. According to the data of the National Statistical Institute for 2014 only in Bulgaria, crises such as floods are 602 in number. They caused 18 human casualties and economic damage in the amount of 15 million BGN. Management of risk in floods takes into account parameters such as the threat to the security of the population, economic and environmental damage. The necessary preventive measures to tackle the problem in a timely and effective implementation are through public education before, during and after occurrence of floods. Also through practical activities for self-rescue and rescue of a person in distress in fast water.

Sports Club “Reflip” aims to put into action a youth exchange program “Think globally, act locally” as our long-term goals related to work with young people. “Reflip”team considers that implementation of this project will help both the development of the club and for the personal development of the participants. The exchanges aims to bring together young people using sport as a tool for social integration of disadvantaged people. Experience teaches us that the need for specialists in water sports is crucial, as instructors in rafting are not responsible for the safety briefing only, they are also the ones who will take care of the personal safety of each participant.

Youth Exchange “Think globally, act locally”
Location: City of Kresna, Bulgaria. The project will take place in southwestern Bulgaria, in particular – Kresna Gorge, a scenic natural preserve. The Struma River is a good place to acquire knowledge and experience, requiring participants to respond most effectively in life-threatening situations in swift water .Young participants will have the opportunity to learn about Pothamology or Hydrology of rivers ,the science of movement and distribution of river water masses.
Implementation period 26 May-5 June 2017


The goals are:
– Improving knowledge and acquisition of new experiences in the use of rafting as a tool for social integration of young people with less economic possibilities;
– Promoting personal, social and professional development of participants in future labor activities;
– Exploring the challenges which sport is facing as a tool for social integration in terms of content and methodology, as an informal educational tool;
– Promoting the potential of sport as a tool for bringing people together regardless of their age, sex, origin and financial status;
– Integration of young people with economic disadvantages and to promote mutual understanding and dialogue between cultures;
– Establishing a long-term partnership within Erasmus + program;
– Encouraging the development of further Workshop for the exchange of open youth Erasmus associated with water sports;

We believe that the implementation of such a project will have a positive impact on our organization at national level and will affect the participants and their organizations positively at European and cross-border level.