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Rafting party in 4 rooms

By Borislav Paunovski / April, 25, 2014 / 0 comments
Welcome to the rafting party with us in the bar 4 rooms.

Here’s what you need to know about us: We are the ladies and guys from the river. We love to paddle, we do it for the sport. We’re the ones who every weekend tighten the big bags, prepare the neoprene suits, the jackets, the pfds and the helmets for training in the river. We are looking for fast water and we like to move a rafting boat on it.


This is what we celebrate: every year there is a World and European rafting competition on the highest class. This spring we  qualified for it. We’re going to Bosnia and Herzegovina in May for the European rafting championships, to see how the big teams do it, how they train and how they win. How they fall, too!


Dates of parties 25.04.2014

What is the program: we bring everything – boats, paddles, vests, rafting movies, even drinking. We’ll show you what you need if you decide to visit the Kresna gorge. If you’re there, not to get drunk or dance, we will show you the cool rafting movies from good rafters and our trips – from rafting, racing and training.


What we have prepared: an evening with us – river people, very cool music from our hosts 4 ROOMS, photos and equipment from us, various awards – discounts and free rafting with the freshest guides in the industry. And the ladies have made ​​you special boats – medallions and other widgets . You will get a chance to buy them, if you like them. Everything collected goes for the travel to Serbia and Bosnia in less than a month.


And from you: we expect you to drink with us and dance more than ever to enjoy the sport and hope for the best in May. We want to see you in Kresna gorge, smiling with a paddle in hand and ready for action!