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Rafting on Iskar river

Give your family a wonderful weekend on the Iskar River.
For those of you who want to try rafting on another Bulgarian river, Iskar is a good option north of Sofia. The Iskar gorge allows travel by train, by car or our transportation services. The river is class 2 from a 5-grade scale. It is suitable for people of all ages, beginners and children. The rafting trip lasts about 2 hours and the route is about 10 km long


The meeting place is the bridge of the village of Bov, north of Sofia. We are going to be there. You can leave your car and we will equip you with neoprene wetsuit, neoprene boots and the mandatory helmet and vest. The whole event lasts about 3 hours. The ride starts from the village of Bov and ends near Lakatnishki rocks from where our bus takes you back to the put in. Before entering the Iskar River safety instructions are mandatory and will include the basics – rowing commands, rescue, self-rescue and swimming. The area around the river is suitable for rafting and kayaking, walking, climbing and caving. Optionally we can organise a trip into Dark Hole cave.

Price: 26 EUR (50 BGN) per person


Iskar_rafting Unforgettable experience
Iskar_rafting Complete rafting equipment – neoprene suite, water jacket, water shoes, helmet and lifejacket
Iskar_rafting Insurance
Iskar_rafting Safety instructions
Iskar_rafting Licensed rafting guides
Iskar_rafting Safety boat
Iskar_rafting Transportation along the route

Additionally you can have professional pictures of your rafting adventure shot from shore.


Iskar River is formed by three rivers: Black, Left and White Iskar. For begining of the river is taken “Straight Iskar” – a tributary of the Black Iskar. It is the longest river in Bulgaria – 368 km. The river flows from south to north and empties as a right tributary into the Danube river. The Iskar river gathers the waters of Rila Mountain, Samokov and Sofia field, Vitosha, the Balkan Mountains, and part of the Danubian Plain.

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