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Frequently asked questions


1. Is rafting safe?

Yes! On Struma river rafting trips are conducted for 15 years (2002.). Safety is ensured by the constant participation of our instructors in courses for “Rafting Guides” and courses for “Rescue in swift waters.” Traditions and principles established by “Rafting Club Reflip” put your safety first and ensure a descent full of emotion and adrenaline.

2. Should I be able to swim, to go rafting?

No! The use of a life jacket (PFD – Personal Flotation Device) is compulsory for all events on water organized by the “Rafting Club Reflip.” There are people who can not swim, have the courage to go swimming or even jump off a cliff with an instructor next to them.

3. What is the best time for rafting?

Rafting season begins in March and ends in October. In the spring the river is deep and fast. In the summer the river is technical and warm. At anytime smiles are guaranteed.

4. How to reach your base on Struma river?

– Organized transportation by us – pickup and drop off to your address – contact us for prices;
– With your transport – We have coordinates and a google map in Contacts;
– Public transportation – bus from Sofia to Kresna- you can go out at the Kresna inns;

5. How many people fit in the boat?

The boats are designed specifically for rafting. 4 to 7 people comfortably row together in a boat. If you are a larger group we will split in boats and descend together.

6. What should I bring?

Towel, socks, swimwear, synthetic T-shirt/underwear. We do not recommend cotton T-shirts – when wet they keep you cold and dry slowly.

7.  I am a beginner. Wich package would you recommend?

Rafting on Struma River is the most popular route in Bulgaria. It is suitable for complete beginners and for people seeking adrenaline. According to the wishes of the participants, we choose a calmer or more dynamic route into the river.

8. I have medical complications. Can I go rafting?

It’s nice to let us know before the descent of your medical condition. If you need to carry medications with you, our guides have dry bags with them on the river.

9. Is there an insurance?

Each participant is insured for accidents in tourism and sport to 1000 BGN.

10. Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. We recommend that you check with us before you promise your child that it will go with you into the river. Much depends on the water level on the day of your descent, the size of the child and the weather. Usually from 12- 70 years is the age limit. For smaller children, we offer more leisure trip.

11. What if it rains?

Rafting is one of the sports in which the rain brings smiles. This means more water in the river. During the descent we will get wet, with or without rain. We will provide water jacket or even a second wetsuit for people who are worried about the rainy weather. One of the most beautiful scenery in the gorge can be seen at the onset of rain. The sound of droplets and mist on the tops paint a memorable picture.

12. Alcohol and drugs?

Absolutely prohibited prior to the rafting trip. You have to be clearheaded while on the river. After the trip, cold beers are waiting for you in the restaurant next to our base.

13. How and when can I book?

At any time of year. We recommend at the latest – few weeks before the trip. Avialble seats are quickly filled. For reservations contact us in the form or call us – Contacts