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Inflatable kayaks


Inflatable Kayaks in Bulgaria – Easy to Learn:

Inflatable Kayaks & Canoes are durable, lightweight, forgiving and high-performance whitewater boats that have revolutionised recreational river running. First-time kayakers can have fun paddling class II & III rapids with guidance, instruction and support from a knowledgeable, professional English speaking  guide.


Professional Guides and Equipment:

Rafting & kayak club Reflip uses some of the best equipment available in Bulgaria. Every paddler will be wearing a wetsuit, helmet, PFD- lifejacket and wetsuit booties. Experienced and knowledgeable guides will provide support and instruction on paddle techniques, river safety, assisted and self-rescue.




Physical Condition — Outdoor Enthusiast:

This trip is our most challenging activity. A good level of physical fitness is required. Guests who enjoy vigorous hikes, mountain biking and other strenuous outdoor activities will generally perform better than others.

We offer a choice of boats – inflatable kayak or canoe is optional. Because of the intensity of the rapids, if you want the Struma river smaller groups are preferable. To be able to monitor each boat and adequately respond to situations groups from 6 to 8 people are the preferred size for kayaking.

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Possible rivers in Bulgaria: Struma, Iskar

Price: 36 Euro per person | 70 BGN |


Kayaking Transportation along the route
Kayaking Complete water equipment – neoprene suit, water jacket, water shoes, helmet and a life jacket
Kayaking Safety breafing
Kayaking Licensed guide
Kayaking Safety boat
Kayaking Unforgettable experience

Total duration: 4 hours

Additionally, you can have professional pictures of your kayaking adventure shot from the most extreme rapids on the river.

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