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Kayak tour on Studen kladenets

Dates for 2019:  5-6 October; 19-20 October; 

“There are many places in the country where I was lucky to be, but one of them always makes me look forward to visiting it again and again and this is the region of the East Rhodope.” This part of the magnificent Rhodope Mountain is loaded with special energy. You feel it somehow subconsciously.

You do not need someone to tell you myths and legends to make you feel the special atmosphere. As much as you watch the scenery, you never get enough. What about the late autumn? A divine palette of colors that can only be drawn by the greatest artist, nature.

This is the reason why we went to Studen Kladenets Dam. We want to immerse in the beauty of autumn and enjoy it, but let’s do it on the water. The quiet waters of the dam meet us. We’re in a hurry. We can not wait to get ahead.

One of the best ways to blend in with nature and to be present without disturbing harmony is to do it with kayaks. There’s no engine noise, and your personal efforts are the only ones that are moving you. In this case, nature has decided to give us everything we need and accepts us.

We carry on the smooth-looking mirror surface that reflects the sloping slopes with their yellow, orange, red and all other colors of autumn. They fill the eyes and the soul. At that moment you forget everything. Your little cares and worries – the sights of our busy everyday life are blurred, and the silence is washed away by the last echo of the monotonous city noise.

In such a place, one not only breathes with full breasts, but also receives space. A splendor in which, if you are more philosophical, you understand how small we are and the modern life has vowed to live in the box of your own home, small neighborhood, small town, and small seemingly large personal goals.
Such a place is great for clearing and arranging the mess within yourself. Efforts are worthwhile. After them comes the smile and you are wondering how you managed to go over 30 km in water for two days. Another proof that our life is a string of limitations, and in fact we can do much more. But to understand it, you have to come out of your seemingly comfortable environment and do it. ”

Ladislav Tsvetkov


Program for Studen kladenets, Rhodope

Day 1: We leave early morning to Studen Kladenets dam. Unloading, luggage on the kayaks, and getting to know the equipment and the technique of kayaking, we head off to the adventure. The goal for this first day is to reach the dam and the chapel where we will spend the night. On the way we will stop on separate small islands for rest.

Day 2: After breakfast, coffee and a little bit of light, we go to one of the sleeves. Depending on the time, the conditions and the strength of the group, we make short excursions. We continue, returning back to the chapel and then heading for the bus. Late arrivals in Sofia are expected.

All details of kayaking will be discussed with the group in advance. We will also make a short list of what you need to wear. We will provide everything necessary for the evacuation. The program is not final and, if desired, people in the group or unfavorable conditions are subject to change.

Price: 150 BGN per person (100 BGN is paid as a deposit)

Nights on wild beaches, we provide tent, pad and sleeping bag or sleeping in a private house
Sea kayak Prijon;
Kayak equipment (paddle, vest, syringe, jacket, neoprene, boots, etc.);


Minimum number of participants in the group – 4 people.
Maximum number of participants in the group – 16 people.


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