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Kayak tours

Kayaking on river Struma


Try kayaking on the best river in Bulgaria. Focus on the experience and look at the river at a new angle.

Price: 70 BGN per person | 4 hours | Every day

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Kayak tour around Ammouliani


A two-day adventure in the land of the Gods

Price: 235 BGN per person | 3 days | Dates for 2019: 21 - 23 June; 19 - 21 July; 30 August - 1 September;

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Kayak adventure around Meganisi island


Meganisi is a small island in the west part of Greece. Amazing caves and cliffs are waiting for you.

Price: 395 BGN per person | 5 days| Dates for 2019: 19-23 Септември

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Kayak tour around Diaporos

An amazing trip to the crystal clear waters of Greece. 

Price: 235 BGN per person | 3 days |Dates for 2019: 22-24 March; 7-9 June; 12-14 July; 16-18 August; 13-15 September; 11-13 October;  25-27 October;

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Kayak journey on Zakynthos island


Zakynthos, called by the Greeks the "Flower of the East" is the third largest island in the Ionian see. The popular blue caves, Navagio beach and the Keri caves.

Price: 640 BGN per person | 7 days | Dates for 2019: 29 May-5 June; 30 July - 6 August;

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Kayaking adventure on Lefkada island


Lefkada is an island in the Ionian see in the west part of Greece.

Price: 385 BGN per person| 5 days | Dates: 28 June-1 July 2018; 23-26 August 2018;

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Kayak tour on Syvota

The place is of popular an visited for the picturesque coastline.

Price: 330 leva per person | 4 days | Dates: 28-30 June, 5th - 8th September 2019;

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Kayak tour on Studen Kladenec

One of the best ways to blend in with nature and to be present without disturbing harmony is to do it with kayaks. There’s no engine noise, and your personal efforts are the only ones that are moving you.

Price 185 BGN per person | 2 days |  Dates: 5-6 October; 19-20 October     

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What is a kayak?

The kayak is a small, narrow craft that is powered by a two-blade paddle. In the UK, the term canoe is often used when it comes to kayaking. A traditional kayak has an open cockpit in which a person sits down. It is necessary that the kayak bears a sprayskirt that closes and prevents the water from entering the boat. The kayak has a comfortable seat and backrest. Sea kayaks have a rudder that helps to manage the boat. The turning is controlled by the legs.


The kayaks were originally developed by the North American tribes of Inuit, Jupik and Aleut. They use hunting boats in internal lakes, rivers and coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean, the North Atlantic and Pacific and the Bering Sea. These first kayaks are made from sewn fur skins of seals or other animals stretching over a frame of wood or whalebone. Kayaks are believed to be at least 4,000 years old. The oldest existing kayaks are exhibited at the State Museum of Ethnology in Munich, the oldest dating back to 1577.

Types of kayaks

According to their purpose:

 Kayaks for whitewater - short, shunting
 Sea kayaks - long, stable and fast
 Recreational kayaks - for lakes and dams
 Racing kayaks - long, fast, light

According to the work can be:

 Inflatable kayaks
Extremely stable, manoeuvrable and easy to transport. Suitable for rivers and lakes.
 Sit on top kayaks
Hermetically sealed shells of kayaks. She sits on them. Do not sink or fill with water when inverted. Suitable for short walks in lakes and waves at sea.
 Sit in kayaks
The most common form. Kayaks in which a person sits inside. Stable when using a syringe, it can roll over. There are many varieties and sports that can be practiced with such a kayak.


According to the number of people in a kayak:

 One person kayak
 Double kayak
 Triple kayak
 Multiple seats

Places to kayak

In Bulgaria we organize kayaking at the Pancharevo, Studen Kladenets, Golyam Beglik, Ognyanovo, Struma, Arda and Iskar reservoirs.

Kayak tours are also organized on the Bulgarian Sea upon request.

A popular destination is kayak trips in Greece. The Mediterranean climate creates favorable conditions in spring, summer and autumn for several day trips. We organize expeditions for lovers of wild campsites on remote and deserted beaches. The best way to get to other times is to visit the distant islands of Zakynthos, Diaporos and others. Picturesque views, seafarers and good friends are a must-have part of any adventure. Kayaking tours in Greece are suitable for both beginners and people with experience in kayaks. Before each entry there is a short course for rowing and driving techniques.

Years of experience, the thirst for adventure and the spirit of rafting and kayaking are a guarantee that Reflip team will make your adventure unforgettable.