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Kayak adventure on Lefkada, Greece

Dates for 2020:


Lefkada is an island in the Ionian Sea in western Greece. Its size is about 300 square km and its shore is about 117 km. Its name comes from the white cliffs (Greek leukos means white), which are located in the southern part of the island. Lefkada is known for its beautiful beaches (some of which we will visit) – Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Gialos, Ammoglossa and others. From Sofia to the island takes approximately 10 hours (or 750 km.). We begin the road trip at night to be able to take full advantage of the whole day afterward. Kayak program includes a visit to some of the best beaches on the east side of Lefkada (first two days), then short shuttle transfer to the west, where the touring part of the island Meganisi (with a visit to the cave Papanikolis) and the small islands of Skorpios and Sparta.



Day 1. We lave from Sofia at 21.00 at the Vasil Levski Stadium.

Day 2. We arrive at Lefkada Island at Kathzima Beach, which is the starting point for our kayaking adventure. While organizing the transfer of vehicles to the end point of the second day, we will distribute and load the luggage in the kayaks, brief briefing and warm up, then we are ready for kayaking. The endpoint for this day is the wild Komollio beach, which can only be reached by water. Along the way we will stop at other convenient beach locations, and whoever wants to go to the island of Sesoulia. Expected mileage is about 17 km.

Day 3. We wake up, breakfast, and then head south to the beaches of Gialos, Egremni, to reach our final destination – Porto Katsiki beach, where we will organize a camp and night. Expected kilometers of rowing – 15 km.

Day 4. Early in the morning, after breakfast, we board the bus and go to Desimi, from where we go by kayaks and sail to Meganisi island to look at the Papanikolis cave. The cave itself is remarkable in its size – a whole ship can enter it. It is also known by the legend that during the Second World War it was a secret hiding place for submarines. After visiting the cave, we cruise further south to where we sleep on a wild beach. Everything about 13 km.

Day 5. After breakfast and coffee, we head back to Desimi Bay, where we load luggage and head for Sofia. Along the way, we will stop for lunch and rest. Expected arrival – late evening.




All details of the trip will be discussed with the group in advance. We will make a short list of essentials that one needs to carry. Sleeping will be in tents, so it is desirable to have the equipment for camping – tent, sleeping bag, mat. If someone does not have any, we will try to ensure 🙂 The program is not final and the desire of people in the group or unfavorable conditions for kayaking (high waves, bad weather), subject to change 🙂

Price: 385 BGN per person (100 BGN paid as deposit)

The price includes:

Каяк-Гърция Camping fees
Каяк-Гърция Insurance;
Каяк-Гърция Sea Kayak Prijon;
kayaking_Greece Tent and a sleeping bag if requested;
Каяк-Гърция Kayak equipment (paddle, vest, spray skirt);
Каяк-Гърция Kayak guide along the route;
The transportation is free

The minimum number of participants in the group – 6 people.

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