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God`s eyes one day tour

After driving trough beautiful Bulgarian landscape we will reach an area located in the Balkan mountain, which has more than 300 caves. We will visit the longest cave tunnel in Bulgaria with a length of 365 meters and a height of the entrances 56 meters.  As a result of the erosion the phenomenon “Okna” or “The eyes of God” was formed in the ceiling – two almost identical holes in the form of eyes. This gives the unique appearance of the cave. Looking down from below, they are very much like eyes that seem to be staring at visitors. The interior of the cave is dimly lit, as the displacement between the two entrances is large and the daylight from the outside enters through them on bundles. The cave was created 66-68 million years ago. The limestone is full with fossils of sea creatures like amonites. There are evidences, that the people from the Neolithic and Copper age used the cave like a big sanctuary.

After the cave we’ll walk in one picturesque short trail to  see the cave chapel, called „St. Marina“. Later we’ll stop in National cave house for lunch. There is a point of view and you can see Iskar river and the rock landmark „Provurtenik“. This phenomena has a big hole, maybe man made from the Copper age. The ancient people used that rock like an observatory.

After a short break, the van will bring us to the trail „Zlatna panega“, called „“The lazy one“ by the locals . The trail is good for novice hikers and for people who love nature. This river is famous with the biggest carst stream in Bulgaria. The trail is more than 12 km long and it takes about 5 hours to walk. We will return to Sofia. (Transfer 2 hours)

We hope to join us in this geopark in Bulgaria!

Departure time:
08:00 am from your hotel in Sofia
10 hours (approx.)
Return details:
Return to initial departure point or wherever you would want to go in Sofia

Tour highlights:
 The cave Prohodna with the eyes or„God’s eyes“
 Iskar gorges
 The river Zlatna panega

 Professional guide
 Hotel pick up and drop off 

 Food and drinks

Additional info:
Be with comfortable shoes. Be happy!

65 EU (130 BGN) per person