The freedom of the sea

Wanting to escape from the busy everyday life and looking for secluded and quiet places is quite natural.

Everyone understands and chooses their way of rest differently. Some want to be among many people. To have hotel comfort, and the peak of emotion is the midnight fun in a disco. Others are looking for a completely different way and want to escape from anything that may disturb their peace and emotion comes from peace and harmony.

What hasn’t been written and told in the last three years about wild camping? People looking for wild places were accused of all sins and charged with tons of garbage. Not to mention the accusations of immoral behavior.

& nbsp; I think about all this as we meander along a mountain road between countless olive trees and the occasional blue expanse of sea.

The company is colorful. Financiers, computer specialist, biologist, lawyer and people with other professions. Our goal is to kayak around one of the Greek islands for a few days. We arrive in a small village and quickly get ready to sail. The sea is not hospitable, but we do not give up.

We have decided to cover the distance of about 6 km to the opposite island of Skiathos in Greece. Barely shaken off the trip, we endure in waves of about 2 points. The current carries us away and the fight is not easy. Few of us are professionals, and kayaks are loaded with a lot of luggage. We don’t give up and after this first salty sea meeting we arrive on the opposite shore.

Although tired, everyone’s faces read with satisfaction. It’s time to enjoy the blue azure waters. So imperceptibly comes the evening. Lentils are cooked on the beach. Dinner is followed by the moment of the star journey, when before you close your eyes you stare at the starry sky. Fatigue speaks for itself and everyone is transported to the inner world of their own dreams.

The silence is broken only by the spilling waves on the shore a few meters from the bivouac. The morning is also quiet. The sun has not yet risen.

Waking up is no less pleasant. Water for coffee and tea is boiled on the gas stove. Everyone is already in the rhythm of life in these places. No one is in a hurry, they speak softly. The sea is also calm and looks like a lake.

We collect our luggage for the next destination. I especially look around to see what we will leave behind. Alas, I find nothing. Everything unnecessary like garbage is carefully collected. On the beach we are left with only the traces of the kayaks behind us. The waves will take care of them to completely erase our presence. In fact, this is the rule. You have to enter nature and, most of all, leave without leaving any traces of presence.

There is no one in these places to follow the rules. The places themselves make you observe them and keep them clean. There is no other way. Nature has sheltered us and given us everything and we should thank her. We do it.

We sail around the shore. Different views alternate. Because rowing at times is monotonous and boring, I think about the attitude of the Greeks to what they have for granted. I think they realized a long time ago that this is their capital, which was given to them by fate, and it is their asset for generations to come. That’s probably why it never crossed their minds to build it. Yes, they have a lot of sea territory, but there is no megalomania. When we stop at certain beaches for a holiday, we see a small restaurant run by a family. Arranged with great taste, but in the simplest way, the decoration is very nice. That is all. There is nothing superfluous.

There are no people on the beach who take care of the interests of a concessionaire, and a sign explaining that if you do not use a deck chair and umbrella, you are not wanted and your place is somewhere aside.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with making money, and the Greeks can hardly be defined as people who don’t know how to do it. They have a lot of experience and know how to do it. Smart and without coercion. There is no place for admiration. There is no room for appeals not to advertise or not Greece. Socialism is gone, and with it the ban on going where you want. It is far better not to make unreliable agitation, but to learn from the experience of others.

We travel and part emotionally with our short journey. With the approach of Bulgaria comes a revival. You can go anywhere, but we are Bulgarians and we are connected with our homeland. We love her. And yet, not in our country, but in Greece, no one asked us where we were going and did not prevent us from being free in our choice to sleep under the stars.