Rafting on Struma


Every day

Price / Person 50 BGN
6 +
Minimum age

10 & 14


4 hours

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Book now. Pick a date and pay a deposit. The remaining amount you pay after the trip.

Tours every day from March to November from 10.00 and from 14.00. The best rafting tour in Bulgaria!

Feel the emotion of Rafting on the Struma River in the Kresna Gorge. Get ready for a great experience and round up your crazy friends. Contact us for a reservation and we will be waiting for you.

How to find the rafting center?

It is located in the heart of the Kresna gorge. You can come by car or we can arrange transportation from Sofia or Bansko.

Bring a towel, socks, and a synthetic T-shirt. At the rafting center you will be equipped with a wetsuit, boots, helmet and vest and we will transport you to the starting point. There we will have safety talk. The course is 12 + km long and is located in the heart of the Kresna Gorge, the river difficulty is class 2 to class 4.

Everyone can choose what experience they are looking for. Those who want a safer but emotional tour will go through the rapids, hitting the waves straight on. Those who want more adrenaline and do not worry about swimming will look for waves and stones for action. Experienced rafting instructors will take your breath away in the most extreme places

Our rafting base has terraces above the river under the shade of the trees. Enjoying a snack and watching the passing rafting boats will make a proper end to the rafting adventure. Homemade milk, cheese and jam are a delicious temptation as well.


  • Unforgettable experience
  • Transport along the route
  • Full rafting equipment – wetsuit, jacket, water shoes, helmet and life jacket
  • Rafting instruction
  • Licensed instructors
  • Safety boat

    Total duration: 4 hours

    Children up to 16 years – BGN – 40

    Additionally: Professional photos and video of the most extreme sections of the river.

    Price for photos: BGN 50 per boat
    Price for video: BGN 80 per boat – pre-ordered


Frequently asked questions about rafting in Bulgaria

0. What does “Reflip” mean?

The name of the club comes from the word “Flip”. The most fun part of rafting. Our instructors have trained countless flips with enthusiasts over the years and we know how to react in a real situation!

1. Is rafting safe?

Yes! Tourist rafting trips have been done on the Struma River since 2002. Safety is ensured by constant participation in “Rafting Guide” courses and “White Water Rescue” courses. The traditions created by Rafting Club Reflip put your safety first and guarantee a tour full of emotions and adrenaline.

2. Do I have to be able to swim to go rafting?

No! The use of a life jacket (PFD – Personal Flotation Device) is mandatory for all water events organized by “Rafting and kayak club Reflip”. There are people who can’t swim but are not afraid to enter calm waters or even jump from the rocks with an instructor next to them.

3. What is the best time for rafting?

The rafting season starts in March and ends in November. In the spring the river is full of water and fast. In summer the river is technical and warm. Smiles are guaranteed at all times.

4. How do I get to your center on the Struma River?

It is located in the heart of the Kresna gorge. You can come by car or we can arrange transportation from Sofia or Bansko.

5. How many people fit in the rafting boat?

The boats are designed specifically for rafting. We have different types of boats according to the size of the group and the level of the river.
From 4 to 8 people comfortably paddle together in one boat. If you are a larger group we will separate you on different boats and you will go down together.

6. What should I bring?


7. I am a beginner. Which trip would you recommend?

Rafting on the Struma River is the most popular route in Bulgaria. It is suitable for complete beginners and adrenaline seekers. According to the wishes of the participants, a calmer or more dynamic route in the river is chosen. Along the Tara and Arda rivers you can immerse yourself in another atmosphere, resembling expeditionary rafting.

8. I have medical condition. Can I come rafting?

It is good to tell us before the trip about your medical condition. We will not stop you from participating. We need to know in order to react properly. If you need to carry medicines with you, our guides have dry bags for the river.

9. Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. We recommend that you consult us before promising your child that he will join you in the river. It depends on the water level on the day of your tour, the size of the child and the weather conditions. Lets say 6 – 70 years is the age limit.

10. What if it rains?

Rafting is a sport in which the rain brings smiles and does not interfere in any way. This means more water in the river. You will definitely get wet during the tour. A water jacket and second wetsuit are provided for people who are worried about the rainy weather. Some of the most beautiful views in the Kresna Gorge are in the rain. The raindrops and fog in the gorge paint a memorable picture.

11. Alcohol and drugs?

Absolutely forbidden before the trip. You have to be with a clear mind in the river. After the rafting, cold beers and delicious meals await you in the restaurant next to our rafting center. If you are looking for a view and a colorful atmosphere, 10 km from our rafting center is the restaurant “Debeli Dab” in the village. Stara Kresna. For more information: www.DebeliDab.eu

12. How and when can I book?

At any time of the year. We recommend that you contact us and book a trip at least one week before the date you choose. Last-minute calls are possible too.

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