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Bulgaria rafting and kayaking



Popular programs:

Rafting on Struma River

Great adventure on the best river for rafting in Bulgaria. Tours every day from March to November!

Price: 26 EUR per person

Rafting on Struma

Combo pack

A perfect combination for a stag party or a full one day adventure. 

Price: 45 EUR per person

Combo pack

Kayaking on Struma river

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Every day kayaking trips on the Struma river. The best summer fun!

Price: 36 EUR per person

Kayaking adventure

Canyoning in Bulgaria

Canyoning in the summer!

Price: 15 EUR per person


Kayaking courses

Courses for whitewater kayaking

Price: from 46 EUR per day

Kayak school

Eco village Debeli Dab


Relax or party in Ecovillage next to river Struma.

Combine Rafting with a night under the stars.

Price: from 25 EUR per room 

Eco village

What we offer

Professional equipment from Bulgaria, New Zealand, Spain and Czech Republic

Unforgettable memories on every adventure

Restaurant with terrace over the river next to the rafting base

Transport provided before and after the trip

Experienced instructors from France, Russia, Australia and Bulgaria

Easy location on the main road

Stay in the Eco village with a view of the second highest peak

Party or Relax


Reflip is the rafting and kayaking expert in Bulgaria

Where to find us in Sofia?


Where to find us on Struma river?

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