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About Us


Whitewater rafting guides with happy clients after rafting

We are group of people who love the rivers and nature in general! We are rafting guides, competitors and kayakers with extensive experience on rivers such as Struma (Bulgaria), Lim (Serbia), Tara (Montenegro), Vrbas (BiH), Korana (Croatia), Matanuska-Lions head (Alaska), Six mile (Alaska) and others. Our skills are certified by the IRF (International Rafting Federation).

Our main office is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We start our trips from here and we do offer transportation for the day activities. Our multi-day packages include transportation. Our most popular destination is Struma river that flows trough the Kresna gorge.  The region is great for rafting, kayaking and canyoning trips. We have a base located in the heart of the Kresna gorge. There you can try homemade jams and traditional Bulgarian yogurt from sheep, goat or buffalo.

Our one-day activities are:
reflip Rafting on Struma river
reflip Rafting on Iskar river
reflip Kayaking on Struma river
reflip Hydrospeed on Struma river
reflip Canyoning around Struma river


Our multi-day activities are:

reflip All the sea kayaking trips in Greece
reflip Rafting on Tara river
reflip Rafting on Arda river
reflip Camps for children

Veselin Paunovski with his son Borislav Paunovski and his daughter



Rafting club Reflip is owned and operated by the Paunovski family. Committed to transmit the feeling of awe, admiration, and love for the rivers. They are always out there playing on river Struma.  Join them when you are visiting Bulgaria!