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Rafting season 2013

By Borislav Paunovski / March, 28, 2014 / 0 comments

We opened rafting season 2013 with plenty of sunshine, smiles and emotions.

The sun surprised everyone pleasantly, the music was great, all this with lots of water in the river and good friends of the boat brought unforgettable memories. There has traditionally been a solemn feast from the local pop to go on everyone by water.

The opening of the rafting season was under the motto “Keep the rivers clean”. The meadows in front of Rapid Cascade were not cleansed purposefully to send a message to the media. Because cleaning does not solve the problem, stopping waste disposal is important. The efforts of all should be directed to that – not to throw.

The descents were filled with adrenaline and emotions, the level of the river was high and the waves big.

Guests of this year’s rafting season were: Bom Bok Orchestra!

Bom Bok Orchestra uses ancient primary instruments from around the world. The Australian DJ is the oldest wind instrument in the world. Kahn is an ancient hit instrument, born in South America, Peru. Kaba Gaida is one of the first wooden wind instruments that originated in the Balkans and is found only in the Rhodope Mountains (3 in number) and a traditional Scottish bagpipe. Plus drum (dahl) and saxophone.

The orchestra played all night under the stars of the Kresna Gorge on the subsequent rafting party. Many songs and bagpipes sounded all night.